There’s always one obstacle that gets in the way of writing, isn’t there?

When I was starting out (eleven novels ago), my personal obstacle was what I call the “tyranny of expectations,” that unhelpful inner voice demanding perfection in a first draft. I learned how to silence that voice — and my writing process blossomed.

The #1 barrier that’s holding you back might be something quite different. But I promise you, there’s a way forward. I’m here to help you tackle that obstacle, and overcome it.

I’m creating an online program — an exciting step-by-step journey — that will free your writing and launch it to the next level. My goal is to tailor the program to give you the most useful and liberating results.

So, I’d really appreciate your thoughts right now.

Please, tell me what’s the #1 thing holding your writing back. Shoot me an email at Make your answer as short as one word, or as long as several paragraphs, or anything in between.

Together, we’ll set you free.

All my best,
Barbara Kyle

Grow as a writer. Dare to succeed.