Years ago, when I was querying agents about my first novel, I read an interview with top agent Albert Zuckerman in which he was asked, “What’s the single most important piece of advice you’d give a new writer?” His answer was, “Be willing to work your ass off.” Aha, I thought (in my naiveté), he means the whirl of book launches, media interviews, and book tours.

Nope, he meant the actual writing.

I was thrilled to sign with Al. He has represented me through the publication of ten novels, and my book sales recently topped over half a million copies. (That’s Al with me, below, guest speaker at my Crafting the Page-Turner symposium.)


And how right he was: succeeding as a writer takes serious work.

But it’s exciting work, and the rewards are so very satisfying. Those rewards – representation by a well-connected agent, a book contract with a major publisher, and global book sales – are what I want for you.

Having worked in this business for years, I know what agents and publishers are looking for, what they want – and don’t want. What they always want, whatever the book’s genre or target audience, is a page-turner. A story that leaves readers saying, “I couldn’t put it down!”

That’s why I created my new online program “Your Path to a Page-Turner.” It has become a game-changer for many:

The ‘Your Path to a Page-Turner’ program is magnificent! It is most definitely helping me grow as a writer. I love your tips. One of them really caused a shift in me.” – Jacqui Gajewski

“There is so much I took away from the program. I will definitely keep going back to the videos until I can recite them verbatim 🙂– Vince Santoro

“I’m learning so much from the program. Once I started the exercises, it was like a dam burst. I got over my fear of starting and just wrote and wrote.– Susan Leeming

The Your Path to a Page-Turner Program has one purpose: to give you the practical, in-depth information you need to write a richly engaging story that can attract a major publisher.

I’ll be your mentor to guide you, but you are the hero of this story. The word “hero” in the classic literary sense means someone who’s on a challenging quest, and from it learns something profound. And the word “mentor” in the classic literary sense means someone who prepares the hero to embark on that quest. Your desire to perfect your craft as a writer is a meaningful quest. In fact, I consider it a noble calling, because humanity lives by its stories. And nothing makes me happier than empowering an emerging writer to create a wonderful book.

Sign up today for the “Your Path to a Page-Turner” Program and let it open the doors to your success.

All my best,
Barbara Kyle