Has this ever happened to you?

You’re at a party, telling a new acquaintance about a plot twist for your story, and they look at you with polite bewilderment, and perhaps a wince of boredom. But later, you tell a fellow writer about the same plot twist and they’re sincerely interested, even offer helpful suggestion.

Hmm, who would you rather hang out with?

Here’s my advice. Don’t expect non-writers (I call them civilians) to understand what you’re wrestling with as you hone your craft. They likely don’t get it. But other writers do. They know what you’re going through. The frustrations. The highs. The setbacks. The lows. The sheer joy in the work despite the lows. They get it.

It goes deeper. A civilian can wound you. It’s not intentional, but a tossed-off comment like “Are you still working on that book?” can be a dagger to your heart.

Your writer friends will never do that to you. We are your tribe. We care for each other.

A source of deep satisfaction in my writing career comes from the bonds I’ve formed with other writers, especially those I’ve mentored. They’ve become my friends. You can see and read about a few of them in my latest Newsletter for Writers. Here’s the link: http://mailchi.mp/002ddf44e41b/news-from-barbara-kyle

Barbara Kyle and TK Thorne

With T.K. Thorne, who invited me as keynote speaker at the AWC conference in Birmingham, Alabama, an event that forged our friendship.

Robert Rotenberg and Barbara Kyle

Robert Rotenberg attended one of my Master Classes when we was writing his first novel. He’s now the bestselling author of five, and has become a good friend.


Legendary agent Al Zuckerman, speaking at my “Crafting the Page-Turner” Symposium. Al has been my agent, mentor, and friend through the writing and publication of my ten novels.


All my best to you and your writing comrades!

Barbara Kyle