“I couldn’t put it down!” Authors love to hear readers say those words. So do our publishers.

But what, exactly, is this mysterious literary essence that hooks a reader? What holds them so hard, they simply must keep reading, often long into the night? I unlock the mystery in this video, Anatomy of a Page-Turner.

“Anatomy of a Page-Turner” is one of the videos in my popular online program Your Path to a Page-Turner — 23 videos packed with information, insights, and inspiration. The program also includes these bonus features:

  •  transcripts of the videos
  • “Practice Like a Pro” exercises
  • “Top Ten” list of the best books about writing
  •  a guide for formatting your manuscript for submission to agents and publishers
  •  an invitation to join my private Facebook group for ongoing guidance and support

Start the Your Path to a Page-Turner program at any time and progress through the videos and materials at your own pace.

“I learned so much from your videos. People talk about having ‘Ah ha’ moments, I must say that I’ve had several ‘Oh my God’ moments while watching your videos.” – Dennis Evanosky

Happy writing!

Barbara Kyle