Would you love to have an expert mentor help you grow as a writer and really succeed? Here’s your chance! Join the fall session of my PageTurner Master Classes.

Registration is now open for this online 10-week program that starts on September 19th. No longer will you have to go it alone – or struggle against writing roadblocks.

I’ve mentored hundreds of writers and many have gone on to have their books published.

I can help you, too, whether you’re at the start of a story or stalled midway and want to boost your creativity to the next level.

Imagine completing your book and celebrating, because you know it’s the kind of book that can attract a top agent and win an offer from a major publisher. There’s no satisfaction like that!

But it’s hard, if not impossible, to get there alone. All writers need direction and support.

I design my PageTurner Master Class sessions to give you the best of both worlds: live, one-on-one guidance from me, plus the camaraderie of a small, committed group. I limit enrollment to 10 people so I can focus on your unique talents and challenges.

Enrollment is limited and previous sessions have filled up quickly, so register now to secure your place – and save $200 with the Early Bird Special price!

Here’s what you’ll get:

* Master Classes held online every other week in which I’ll lead discussions about essentials of craft such as maximizing the power of “deep character,” writing dynamic dialogue, and mastering story structure. I’ll also give on-the-spot coaching, plus tips on getting published. The classes take place via Zoom which is free and super-easy to use. (I’ll show you how. It works like Skype.) Each class is recorded, so if you have to miss any – or just want to replay them – you can view the videos later.

* My in-depth analysis of 30 pages of your writing whenever you’re ready, either during the program or up to six months after it. I’ll point out the strengths in your work so you can build on them and offer suggestions for addressing any weaknesses. You’ll also get my guidance on the general direction of your whole story so you can be sure you’re on the right track.

* Unlimited free access to my PageTurner Video Series. These 23 videos are packed with information, insights, and inspiration. Plus, the series comes with transcripts, exercises, a helpful how-to of correct manuscript formatting, and more. Start the videos whenever you want and proceed through them at your own pace. You’ll receive all this on the day you register for the Master Class session!

* An inspiring interactive session with a special guest. Previous guests have included New York Times bestselling authors Kelley Armstrong and Kate Quinn, and acclaimed authors David Blixt, Janie Chang, Robert Rotenberg and T.K. Thorne.

* Ongoing support via my private Facebook group even after the Master Classes end. It’s a friendly place where you can enjoy writerly camaraderie. I’m there to answer questions and offer tips and resources, and your fellow writers from my programs are there to cheer you on.

* Confidence that, Yes, you can do this!

This 10-week Master Class session starts on September 19. Save $200 now with the Early Bird price. Enrollment is limited, so register now to secure your spot!

You’ll find full details here.

All my best,
Barbara Kyle