Breaking News!

I’m delighted to announce that I’ve just signed the contract with my publisher for my new novel, The Deadly Trade, the first book in a series of murder mysteries featuring animal rights activist Natalie “Nat” Sinclair and her team of volunteers as they rescue abandoned and abused animals.

Here I am signing – not the contract (I’m inscribing one of my previous books for a reader) – but, hey, same signature!


The Deadly Trade highlights the illegal global trafficking in wild animals, a brutal business in which profits, shockingly, rival those of the drug trade.

Writing this book was a true labor of love. It was inspired by my husband Stephen Best’s long-time work alongside his colleagues at Animal Alliance of Canada, dedicated folk whose mission is “fighting cruelty wherever we find it.” Here’s Stephen with an otter friend.

The Deadly Trade will be released in early 2023. I hope you’ll love this story.

Barbara Kyle

P.S. As soon as my publisher’s design team creates the book’s cover, I’ll share it here on my blog. Stay tuned!