Pitch Perfect:

How to Write a Successful Query to Agents

A MasterClass Webinar

November 13 @ 11:00 am Pacific / 2:00 pm Eastern

(It will be recorded if you can’t attend live)

Literary agents are gatekeepers. They open the doors to publishers for you – or the doors may stay closed. To interest agents about your novel, you must write an intriguing query.


Agents receive dozens of queries every day. Most are poorly written and get rejected immediately.

Let’s not have that happen to you! There are proven ways to write a concise, compelling query. This webinar shows you how.

You’ll leave the webinar knowing how to:


Access lists of agents, and choose which ones would best represent you and your book.


Structure your query correctly, crafting it in six specific, brief sections.


Identify your book’s genre. Agents want to know where your book fits in the marketplace. Not sure of your genre? I’ll guide you through the many options.


Craft a mini-synopsis of your story. This is challenging, so I’ll show you how to do it efficiently and effectively.


Understand how to choose comparables. “Comps” are books with some similarity to yours. Agents expect you to list one or two. I’ll explain how to choose them and how to phrase them.


Intrigue the agent about you. I’ll share tips on how to pique their interest whether you’ve already been published or this book is your debut.


Avoid blunders that lead to rejection. I’ll pinpoint these so you can dodge them.

Just $20

The webinar will be recorded and the video link will be emailed to everyone who registered. So even if you can’t attend live, register so you get the video recording.

Meet Your Host:

I’m Barbara Kyle, author of the bestselling Thornleigh Saga historical novels and acclaimed thrillers. Over half a million copies of my books have been sold worldwide. My latest novel is The Deadly Trade. I’m represented by Writers House, one of the world’s largest literary agencies. I’ve coached hundreds of writers in my online programs and many have become award-winning authors.

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