Online Program: Your Path to a Page-Turner

Learn how to write a book that excites agents and publishers and leaves readers saying, “I couldn’t put it down!” A page-turner.

Are you ready to take the path to success as a published author? It’s not as hard as you might think.

You can start this online program whenever you like, and progress through it at your own pace.


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There are no rules in writing. Well, just this one: Thou shalt not bore.

Seriously, every rule that’s ever been made has been broken by some writer to good effect. But, while there are no rules in writing, there are principles that have shaped the art of storytelling for centuries. A rule says: ”You must do this.” A principle says: “This works, and it has worked through all of remembered time.” Those principles are what you’ll learn in the “Your Path to a Page-Turner” program.

Whether you’re a beginning writer, or stuck in the middle of your story, this program will guide you along the path toward success.

And you won’t have to do it alone, because I’ll be your mentor. Through video presentations, craft-focused exercises, and online interaction with me and a select group of your peers, you can move forward at your own pace.

Yes, let’s do this.


Do any of the following sound familiar?

  • You fear you may not have the talent to succeed
  • With a job and family obligations, it’s hard to find the time to write
  • A perfectionist inner critic keeps holding you back. You’re still stuck editing that first chapter or first draft.
  • You submitted your work to agents and it was rejected
  • It’s a constant challenge to stay motivated
  • The prospect of rejection by publishers terrifies you
  • There’s little support from your family and friends, because they just don’t get it
  • Navigating the minefield of the publishing industry’s do’s and don’ts seems impossible

If any of those “demons” have blocked your writing, you’ve come to the right place.

I know exactly how you feel. In my career as an author, I’ve faced every challenge you’re facing now. Writing a compelling novel does take commitment, and some serious work, but I’m pretty sure you’re ready for that. The rewards are so worth the effort.

Let me tell you a true story. Years ago, like every new writer trying to break in with their first novel, I sent queries to literary agents, then waited and hoped. One morning, I got a call from a New York agent who said she was so excited by the description of my book, she wanted me to send the full manuscript immediately. Ecstatic, I sent it that very afternoon. Soon after, I got her terse written reply: “Alas, the manuscript did not live up to my expectations.” Those were her exact words. I was devastated. Tears flowed. Then weeks of agonized self-doubt. Maybe I didn’t have what it took to be a writer. I was ready to give up.


Legendary agent Al Zuckerman has represented me for over 20 years and 10 novels. Here (above) we’re advising writers (right) at my “Crafting the Page-Turner” Symposium

Then, a few days later, that same query attracted legendary agent Al Zuckerman of Writers House, New York, who has shepherded dozens of bestsellers. He, too, asked for the full manuscript. He read it – and loved it! He offered to represent me, I eagerly signed the contract, and within weeks Al sold the book to Audrey LaFehr at Penguin, who said it was the best historical novel she had ever read. Amazing, isn’t it – from “alas” to “the best.” That book sold 75,000 copies and became the first in my seven-book Thornleigh Saga series. My sales have now topped over half a million books. So I’m here to tell you that although the journey to write a book and get it published can hit you with heartbreaking moments, it can also bring joyful surprises. If you persevere, success can be yours.

“I’m loving the Page-Turner program. The videos are beautifully organized and loaded with useful advice, and the Facebook discussion group is a great source for expert tips. Can’t think of a better online forum for novel planning, writing, and tweaking.” – Bruce Gardner


Bruce Gardner

Just imagine this:

  • Getting a call from a top literary agent telling you, “I absolutely love your book and I want to represent you.”
  • Receiving an offer from a major publisher
  • Signing a lucrative publishing contract
  • Seeing your publisher promote your book as one of their top titles
  • Inviting your family and friends to the launch party for your book
  • Hearing that your agent is negotiating foreign rights to your book, and film rights
  • Reading fan mail from readers who’ve loved your story
  • Receiving healthy royalty payments from world-wide sales of your books

I can’t guarantee fulfillment of all those dreams, of course, but I can guarantee this: the lessons in the Your Path to a Page-Turner Program will guide you to write the kind of book that agents and publishers are seeking, and that readers crave.

Are you ready to let me help you?

Introducing: The Your Path to a Page-Turner Program

This program is designed to take your writing to the next level – the level of a pro. Here are the specific skills you’re going to learn:

  • Storylining: Building Your Book from Outline to Final Draft
  • Deep Character: Creating the Compelling Protagonist
  • From Hook to Climax: The Essentials of Story Structure
  • The Art of Crafting Dialogue
  • Secrets to Constructing Powerful Scenes
  • Mastering Point-of-View and Settings
  • Getting Published: How to Write a Successful Query
  • What Makes a Book Marketable?

The Your Path to a Page-Turner program delivers the same deep analysis I share with the writers I work with in my private Master Classes. The program is your personal blueprint for creating a story that will leave your readers saying, “I couldn’t put it down!”

“Working with Barbara is like having a secret weapon in your writing arsenal.” – Nancy Raven Smith, author of Land Sharks, an Amazon/Scout Selection

Nancy Raven Smith

Yes, let’s do this.


What the program includes:

  • 23 videos packed with instruction, insight, and inspiration covering all the essentials of creating a compelling story and getting it published
  • Written transcripts of all 23 videos
  • Worksheets with my unique “Practice Like a Pro” writing exercises
  • My “Top Ten” list of the best books about writing
  • A handy how-to of correct manuscript format, necessary for submitting your book to agents and publishers
  • An invitation to join my private Facebook group “Writers on the Path to a Page-Turner” where, if you choose to join us, your program colleagues and I will support you on your writing journey and cheer you on
  • Unlimited access to all the materials, so you can proceed through them at your own pace

No longer will you feel:

  • Fearful that you don’t “have what it takes” to write a book good enough to get published
  • Discouraged that you’re not making progress
  • Uncertain about how to get started, what to do next, how to “go the distance.”

To quote the Eagles song: “Don’t let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy.” There is a clear path forward. The journey is an exciting adventure, and I’d love to help you along it.

The Program’s 23 videos cover the following topics:

  • Your Writing Mentor: Getting Acquainted
  • Tips From a First Draft Survivor
  • Anatomy of a Page-Turner
  • Words: The Pulse on the Page
  • Storylining: Building Your Book from Outline to Final Draft (2 videos)
  • Characters: Inventing Lives
  • Deep Character: Creating the Compelling Protagonist (3 videos)
  • Making an Entrance: Spotlighting Your Protagonist’s First Appearance
  • Story Structure Essentials: Hook, Inciting Incident, Conflict, Reversals, Climax (4 videos)
  • The Art of Crafting Dialogue: Subtext, Functions, Common Errors (3 videos)
  • Scene Stealers: Secrets to Creating Powerful Scenes
  • POV: Whose Story Is It?
  • Setting: Your Characters’ World
  • Getting Published: How to Write a Successful Query
  • What Makes a Book Marketable?

Plus, you’ll get:

  • Written transcripts of all the videos. Not everyone learns the same way. That’s why I created videos and transcripts. The transcripts are print-ready, so you can print them and read at your leisure all the material I cover in the videos. They’re also handy to refer back to whenever you need a reminder.
  • Worksheets with my unique “Practice Like a Pro” exercises, each one related to a video lesson to help you perfect specific skills of writing craft.
  • An invitation to join my private Facebook group, “Writers on the Path to a Page-Turner.” Joining this group is like having me as your personal writing mentor. I’ll answer your questions, give tips, and share resource links (such as new agents who are seeking clients). It’s a private group, open only to people participating in the program, so you can share your writing journey – the challenges and joys – with me and with your fellow emerging writers who are as serious about writing as you are. (If you prefer not to join the Facebook group, that’s fine; it’s totally your choice.)
  • Unlimited access to all the materials, so you can review them at your own pace, and as often as you like.

You’ll finish the Program with:


Confidence in your ability to craft your story into the kind of book agents and publishers are looking for, and readers can’t get enough of


A clear understanding of what’s working in your story, what isn’t, and exactly how to fix it.


Knowledge of how to apply essential, specific principles of writing craft to your story


A new community of colleagues and friends who are cheering you on


Tips on how to navigate the world of agents and publishers so your book can break in

The ‘Your Path to a Page-Turner’ program is magnificent! It is most definitely helping me grow as a writer. I love your tips. One of them really caused a shift in me.”

Jacqui Gajewski

The Your Path to a Page-Turner program has one purpose: to give you the practical, in-depth information you need to write a richly engaging story that can attract a major publisher. I’ll be your mentor to guide you, but you are the hero of this story. The word “hero” in the classic literary sense means someone who’s on a quest, a challenging one, and on the way learns something profound. And the word “mentor” in the classic literary sense means someone who prepares the hero to embark on that quest. Your desire to perfect your craft as a writer is a meaningful quest. In fact, I consider it a noble calling, because humanity lives by its stories. And nothing makes me happier than having a writer I mentor experience a new clarity of vision – “a light bulb moment,” as one said – that inspires them to write a wonderful book.

Years ago, when I was querying agents about my first novel, I read an interview with top agent Al Zuckerman in which he was asked, “What’s the single most important piece of advice you’d give a new writer?” His answer was, “Be willing to work your ass off.” Aha, I thought (in my naiveté) he means the book launches, media interviews, and book tours. Nope, he meant the actual writing. I was thrilled to sign with Al, and he has represented me ever since, through the publication of ten novels. And how right he was: succeeding as a writer takes serious work. But it’s exciting work, and the rewards are so very satisfying. Those rewards – representation by a well-connected agent, a book contract with a major publisher, and global book sales – are what I want for you.

“I’m learning so much from the program. Once I started the exercises, it was like a dam burst. I got over my fear of starting and just wrote and wrote.


Susan Leeming

Why this program instead of others?

Some writing courses are run by teachers who’ve never published a novel. Other courses are offered by authors who are not skilled teachers. I do both. I love teaching – I’ve taught at the University of Toronto, give private Master Classes, and present workshops at international writers’ conferences – and I’ve enjoyed a successful career as an author of novels with sales of over half a million books. So I speak to you as writer to writer. Having worked in this business for years, I know what agents and publishers are looking for, what they want – and don’t want. What they always want, whatever the book’s genre or target audience, is a page-turner. A story that leaves readers saying, “I couldn’t put it down!”

“I learned so much from your videos that I am incorporating into my novel. People talk about having ‘Ah ha’ moments, I must say that I’ve had several ‘Oh my God’ moments while watching your videos.”


Dennis Evanosky

This Program is right for you if:

  • You want to feel excited again about writing
  • You know you can benefit from working with a pro
  • You’re tired of having your work rejected
  • You want to produce a book that will attract agents and publishers
  • You’ve had enough of going it alone
  • You’re eager to move forward from “emerging writer” to “published author”

This Program is not for you if:

  • You think your writing is already perfect and you just need help “getting published”
  • You’re happy with the way you’re progressing
  • You don’t believe your writing can be improved
  • You aren’t ready to invest in your writing, and in yourself

“I feel like I have a whole new lease on my writing life. I’ve taken ‘master classes’ from other bestselling authors before, and none of them can compare. I haven’t been this enthused about writing in a long time.”

Award-winning writer Dorothea Helms

“Barbara, thanks for all the help in getting there.

Steven T. Wax, author of the award-winning Kafka Comes to America

Barbara Kyle is a rare combination of great teacher, canny editor, and supportive fellow-writer.

Award-winning writer Barbara Wade Rose

“Barbara, you’re an inspiration!.”

Internationally acclaimed author Wayson Choy

“Switching from non-fiction to fiction would have been much more difficult for me without Barbara Kyle’s sage advice.”

Ray Argyle, author of An Act of Injustice

“I had about given up on my novel. Then I took one of your Master Classes. That gave me the courage to go on. Your evaluation provided invaluable feedback.”

Carole Kennedy, author of Petra’s Ghost

“Barbara quickly identified the weaknesses in my story and helped me strategize how to transform them into strengths.”

Jake Caldera, author of The Elephant on Fire

On Page-Turner, the book: “Kyle knows her stuff. She breaks down both the art and the craft of writing in a way that is entertaining and easy to understand.”

#1 New York Times bestselling author Kelley Armstrong

Yes, let’s do this.


Barbara Kyle

Barbara Kyle is the author of seven acclaimed historical novels – the Thornleigh Saga series – all published internationally, and of contemporary thrillers, three under pen-name Stephen Kyle, including Beyond Recall, a Literary Guild Selection. Her latest novel is The Traitor's Daughter. Over 500,000 copies of her books have been sold in seven countries. Barbara has taught writers at the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies and is a popular guest presenter at writers' conferences. Before becoming an author Barbara enjoyed a twenty-year acting career in television, film, and stage productions in Canada and the U.S.

Barbara’s master classes, online programs, and manuscript evaluations have launched many writers to published success, including bestselling mystery author Robert Rotenberg, historical novelists Ann Birch, Tom Taylor, and Barbara Wade Rose, debut novelist Christine Higdon, thriller writer Carrie Rubin, and Steven T. Wax for his award-winning memoir.