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Your Mentor: Getting Acquainted

“Outstanding course content makes you want to start writing your page-turner. Highly motivating and brilliantly presented.”

– Irving Schlosberg

“Chock-full of profound insights into the craft of writing fiction. It is the most professional and helpful course on writing anyone could ask for. Highly recommended!”

– Frances Reed

“This course is invaluable. A must-have course for anyone who truly wants to move forward.”

– Fernando Souza Soares

“This in-depth, detailed course is packed with helpful tips on how to improve one’s writing and create a riveting story.”

– Joanne Carol Culley

“Wonderful insights. Engaging and inspiring. This is an excellent course!”

– Myra Watts

“To fulfill my dream of being published, this course gave me a deep inside view of how to better my writing.”

– Michele Wicks

“Awesome. I learned so much. Stimulated and challenged my mind in new directions. Incredibly helpful to me as a fairly new author.”

– Ralph J Turner

“This course is your golden ticket. Barbara Kyle covers every step of crafting a page-turning novel from start to finish in a clear and concise narrative.”

– Tanja Kobasic

The 23 videos in this online course are packed with instruction, insights, and inspiration. You’ll learn essential skills for creating a compelling story and getting it published. 

With your enrollment you get unlimited, lifetime access to the 23 video lectures, so you can progress through them at your own pace and review them as often as you like.

The 23 videos
cover the following topics:

  • Your Writing Mentor: Getting Acquainted
  • Tips From a First Draft Survivor
  • Anatomy of a Page-Turner
  • Words: The Pulse on the Page
  • Storylining: Building Your Book from Outline to Final Draft (2 videos)
  • Characters: Inventing Lives
  • Deep Character: Creating the Compelling Protagonist (3 videos)
  • Making an Entrance: Spotlighting Your Protagonist’s First Appearance
  • Essentials of Story Structure: Hook, Inciting Incident, Conflict, Reversals, Climax
  • The Art of Crafting Dialogue: Subtext, Functions, Common Errors
  • Scene Stealers: Secrets to Creating Powerful Scenes
  • POV: Whose Story Is It?
  • Setting: Your Characters’ World
  • Getting Published: How to Write a Successful Query
  • What Makes a Book Marketable?


BONUS! You also get these great downloadable resources:

  • My unique “Practice Like a Pro” writing exercises, each one focusing on an essential element of writing craft
  • My “Top Ten” list of the best books about writing 
  • A handy “how-to” of correct manuscript format for submitting your book to agents and publishers

You’ll finish the “Your Path to Writing a PageTurner” Course prepared to write a book that will excite agents and publishers and leave readers saying, “I couldn’t put it down!”
A page-turner.

This course is a Udemy “Bestseller”

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Bruce Gardner

“I’m loving the Page-Turner course. The videos are beautifully organized and loaded with useful advice and expert tips. Can’t think of a better online forum for novel planning and writing.”

Jacqui Gajewski

The ‘Your Path to a Page-Turner’ course is magnificent! It is most definitely helping me grow as a writer. I love your tips. One of them really caused a shift in me.”

Susan Leeming

“I’m learning so much from the course. Once I started the exercises, it was like a dam burst. I got over my fear of starting and just wrote and wrote.”

Dennis Evanosky

“I learned so much from your videos that I am incorporating into my novel. People talk about having ‘Ah ha’ moments, I must say that I’ve had several ‘Oh my God’ moments while watching your videos.”