I designed this program for a small group – I limit it to 10 people – so I can focus on you personally. You’ll get:


  • My in-depth analysis of 30 pages of your writing, whenever you’re ready, either during the program or up to a year after
  • Bi-weekly online group meetings for 3 months in which I’ll lead discussions about craft and give on-the-spot coaching
  • Unlimited free access to my “Your Path to a Page-Turner” program materials. (If you’ve already purchased that program, you get a discount on this one!)
  • Access to my private Facebook group for invaluable ongoing support
  • Payment plan option: three installments, one per month

Every writer needs a mentor.

At the start of my writing career, I was blessed with two. The first was author Marian Fowler, who passed on to me this wise precept: “There is only one rule in writing: Thou shalt not bore.”

The second was my agent, Albert Zuckerman of Writers House. Al is something of a legend in this business, having “midwifed” dozens of bestsellers. He’s given me his sage advice and guidance for over twenty years, through the publication of my ten novels which have garnered sales of over half a million copies.

Now, it’s my pleasure to help emerging writers, just as I was helped.

With the 3-month “My Writing Mentor” program – all conducted online – I’ll be your personal mentor. No longer will you have to go it alone.

If you’re facing a writing roadblock, I can help you break through it. Or, if you’re progressing well and want to take your writing to the next level, I’ll help get you there. Perhaps you’re somewhere in between, or at the very start of your writing journey, and know you could advance best with personal support.

Imagine this. Completing your book and celebrating, because you know it’s really good – the kind of book that can attract a top agent and win an offer from a major publisher. There’s no satisfaction like that.

The next session of the “My Writing Mentor” program runs from January 29, 2019 to April 9, 2019.

You can book a free 15-minute call to see if the program is right for you. Email me at bkyle@barbarakyle.com to schedule a call. I’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

“Barbara Kyle sent me flying headlong into this wonderful writing journey. I chose Barbara as my mentor because of her stellar teaching skills. She was clear, down-to-earth, inspiring, and encouraging. As well, Barbara is the queen of plot. I am forever grateful for her wise, pragmatic, and gracious mentoring.” – Christine Higdon, author of The Very Marrow of Our Bones (“A wondrous book” – Toronto Star)


The “My Writing Mentor” Program gives you the best of both worlds:

Live, one-on-one guidance from me, plus the support and camaraderie of a small, committed group.



Everyone who signs up for the “My Writing Mentor” program receives:


My in-depth evaluation of 30 pages of your writing. I’ll point out the strengths in your work so you can build on them, and offer suggestions toward addressing any weaknesses. We’ll also discuss how the rest of your story unfolds. If you already have 30 pages written and would like an immediate evaluation, we’ll schedule it near the beginning of the program. If you prefer to wait until the program ends, we’ll schedule the evaluation any time up to one year after. I conduct the evaluation in a private discussion by phone or video call. The advantage of the video call is that it’s recorded, so you can replay it.


Group meetings online every other week in which I’ll lead discussions about essentials of writing craft such as maximizing the power of “Deep Character,” writing dynamic dialogue, and mastering turning points in story structure, plus tips on getting published. The discussions are conducted by video meetings on Zoom, which is super-easy to use (it works like Skype) and is free for you (I pay for it.) These hour-long meetings provide lots of time for relaxed discussion and on-the-spot coaching. It’s all about positive sharing that helps everyone grow. Plus, the meetings are recorded, so if you have to miss any – or just want to replay them – you can listen later at a time that suits you.


Unlimited free access to my “Your Path to a Page-Turner” Program. It’s packed with materials to instruct, inform, and inspire you, including 23 videos, video transcripts, “Practice Like a Pro” exercises, a helpful how-to of manuscript formatting, and more. And, you can proceed through it all at your own pace. (If you’ve already purchased the “Your Path to a Page-Turner” program, you get a $100 discount!)


Access to my private Facebook group where you can share your writing journey and enjoy writerly camaraderie with others who take their writing as seriously as you do. You’ll receive ongoing support from your fellow writers in my programs, and from me. Joining the group is totally optional: you can participate as often as you like, or occasionally, or not at all – it’s up to you.


Live, online interaction with special guests. Previous sessions of the program featured bestselling mystery author Robert Rotenberg, bestselling historical fiction author Janie Chang, New York Times bestselling author Kate Quinn, and #1 New York Times bestselling author Kelley Armstrong. Pros like these will answer your questions on the spot.


Confidence that Yes, you can do this!

Are you ready to take your writing to the next level?

This program is right for you if:

  • You’ve got story ideas but need some help getting organized
  • You feel you’re toiling away alone, without benefit of the expert feedback that can get you closer to your writing goals
  • You love writing, but fear you may not “have what it takes” to succeed
  • You struggle to find time to write while juggling work and family commitments, so you’d benefit from a focused program to keep you on track
  • You feel you’re making progress with your writing, but want to give yourself the gift of 3 months of support and guidance
  • Your inner perfectionist won’t let you stop micro-editing and move forward
  • You want to work with a pro to identify and improve possible weaknesses in your writing
  • You feel energized by connecting with others who are as serious about writing as you are

You will leave the program with:


A deeper understanding of how to develop, focus, and enrich your story


A professional evaluation of your story’s opening section


Crucial tools and techniques necessary to complete your book


Freedom from having to “go it alone”


Confidence to move forward

“Barbara, let me tell you how energizing and inspiring this program is. I find the sessions so applicable to what I’m writing. I like the camaraderie of the group too.” – Barbara Wade Rose

“I greatly appreciate your insights and suggestions. You’ve let me know what works, and zeroed in on areas that I need to improve.” – Francis Vanden Hoven


“Thank you for all of the great guidelines and specific examples you provided. I can see the improvement as I move forward with the story.” – Eric Cassel


“I learned SO much from this program — about writing, characterization, plot development, editing, and the business.” – Kelly-Lynne Reimer

Purchase the “My Writing Mentor” Program


Early Bird price: $1195 *CAD. (You save $200.) Payment plan option.

* American friends, your dollar goes further! $1.00 CAD = about $0.75 USD

Next session runs from January 29, 2019 to April 9, 2019

Book a free 15-minute call to discuss the program & see if it’s a good fit for you. Email me at bkyle@barbarakyle.com to schedule a call.

Early Bird price: $1195. Payment plan available.

“I took Barbara Kyle’s excellent master class when I was stuck with my first novel. I recently finished my fourth book, and Barbara’s wise words constantly guide my way.” – bestselling author Robert Rotenberg

Bestselling mystery author Robert Rotenberg was my special guest in a previous session of the “My Writing Mentor” program. He cheerfully answered questions and gave great advice.

“Kyle knows her stuff. She breaks down both the art and the craft of writing in a way that is entertaining and easy to understand.” – bestselling author Kelley Armstrong, on my book “Page-Turner”

#1 New York Times bestselling author Kelley Armstrong was my special guest in a previous session of the “My Writing Mentor” program, graciously offering invaluable advice and tips.


FOR PROGRAM PARTICIPANTS ONLY: To schedule the evaluation of 30 pages of your work in progress, please use the scheduler below.