With this 6-week online program, I’ll be your personal mentor. No longer will you have to go it alone!

My live Master Classes will give you invaluable expert guidance and on-the-spot coaching to inform and inspire you. Plus, you’ll enjoy the camaraderie of a community of supportive writers.

You’ll finish the PageTurner Master Classes with all the tools you need to create a compelling story, and the confidence that, “Yes, I can do this!”

There is only one rule in writing: Thou shalt not bore.

If you’re facing a writing roadblock, I’ll help you break through it. Or, if you’re progressing well and want to take your writing to the next level, I’ll help get you there.

Imagine this. Completing your book and celebrating, because you know it’s really good – the kind of book that can attract a top agent and win an offer from a major publisher.

There’s no satisfaction like that.

The next session of the Page-Turner Master Classes is May 7, 2020 to June 11, 2020.

Join me!

Have questions about the PageTurner Master Classes? I’ll be happy to answer them. Email me at bkyle@barbarakyle.com.

Here’s what you get with the PageTurner Master Classes:

6 live Master Classes conducted weekly. Each session focuses on an essential aspect of writing craft, including how to create unforgettable characters, how to empower your story structure, how to craft dynamic dialogue, how to develop your unique “voice,” and more . . . plus expert tips on getting published

Continuous access to all the recorded PageTurner Master Classes.

On the Spot Coaching with Q&A so you can be sure you’re on the right track.

An invitation to join my private Facebook group for ongoing support from me and your fellow writers.

Bonus materials to help you grow as a writer, and succeed.

What writers are saying about the
PageTurner Master Classes

Linda Sievers

“Your mentoring was a life-saver. I had run out of inspiration. Your course not only helped me believe in the story I want to write, but your clear presentations filled me with enthusiasm. The classes offer a wealth of information and examples for story development. Your course was the boost I needed to believe in my story. Thank you, Barbara.” 

Eric Cassel

“Thank you for all of the great guidelines and specific examples you provided. I can see the improvement as I move forward with the story.” 

Della Spearman

“An awesome writing course. The session on agents, writing queries, and the ins and outs of the publishing industry for newbies was my favorite.” 

Barbara Wade Rose

“Let me tell you how energizing and inspiring this program is. I find the sessions so applicable to what I’m writing. I like the camaraderie of the group too.” 

Francis VandenHoven

“I greatly appreciated your insights and suggestions. You’ve let me know what works, and zeroed in on areas that I need to improve.” 

Kelly-Lynn Reimer

“I learned SO much from this program — about writing, characterization, plot development, editing, and the business.” 

These Master Classes give you the best of both worlds:

Live expert guidance from me, plus the camaraderie of a supportive writing community.


Early Bird Price: $445 CAD

Note: This price is in Canadian dollars (CAD). American and International friends, you’re in luck! $1.00 CAD = approximately $0.75 USD

Everyone who signs up for the PageTurner Master Classes receives…

6 Live Master Classes

In each class I cover the key elements that create compelling writing — and that all agents and publishers look for in a manuscript. These include maximizing the power of Deep Character, crafting winning story structure, writing dynamic dialogue, creating turning points, mastering POV (point-of-view), and developing your unique prose “voice”. Plus, I’ll give you essential tips about getting published. I conduct the Master Classes by video meetings on Zoom, which is free and super-easy to use. The 1-hour classes provide lots of time for on-the-spot coaching with Q&A.

Priority opportunity to purchase my evaluation of 30 pages of your writing

You’ll jump to the front of the queue for an opportunity to purchase my evaluation of 30 pages of your writing.  I’ll point out the strengths in your work so you can build on them, and offer suggestions toward addressing any weaknesses. I conduct the evaluation in a private discussion by phone or by video meeting, your choice.

Unlimited continuous access to the recorded Page-Turner Master Classes

If you have to miss any of the Master Classes, or if you just want to replay them as a refresher, your unlimited access to the recorded sessions guarantees that you can watch them anytime that’s best for you, and as often as you like.

Invaluable Bonus Materials

To inform and inspire you. These include my “Practice Like a Pro” exercises and writing prompts; my list of the “10 Best Books About Writing”; and a handy “how-to” guide for formatting your manuscript correctly for submitting it to agents and publishers.

Participation in my private Facebook group

Where you can share your writing journey and enjoy writerly camaraderie with others who take their writing as seriously as you do. You’ll receive ongoing support from your fellow writers in my programs, and from me. Joining the group is totally optional: you can participate as often as you like, or occasionally, or not at all – it’s up to you.


That Yes, you can do this!

This program is
right for you if:

  • You’ve got story ideas but need some help getting organized
  • You feel you’re toiling away alone, without benefit of the expert feedback that can get you closer to your writing goals
  • You love writing, but fear you may not “have what it takes” to succeed
  • You struggle to find time to write while juggling work and family commitments, so you’d benefit from a focused program to keep you on track
  • You feel you’re making progress with your writing, but want to give yourself the gift of 6 weeks of support and guidance
  • Your inner perfectionist won’t let you stop micro-editing and move forward
  • You want to work with a pro to identify and improve possible weaknesses in your writing
  • You feel energized by connecting with others who are as serious about writing as you are

You will leave the program with:

⦿ A deeper understanding of how to develop, focus, and enrich your story

⦿ An opportunity to purchase my professional evaluation of your story’s opening section

⦿ Crucial tools and techniques necessary to complete your book

⦿ Freedom from having to “go it alone”

⦿ Confidence to move forward

Are you ready to take your writing to the next level?

Purchase the

Page-Turner Master Classes

Early Bird Price: $445 CAD

Note: Price is in Canadian Dollars (CAD). American and International friends, you’re in luck! $1.00 CAD = approximately $0.75 USD

The next session of the Page-Turner Master Classes runs from May 7, 2020 to June 11, 2020. Join me!

If you have any questions about the Master Classes, I’ll be happy to answer them. Email me at bkyle@barbarakyle.com.